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Cyber Security

For Everyone

Industry Leading Cyber Security


Custom Cyber Solutions for Businesses

LockSpring has unique insight into the cyber adversary mindset and brings the highest caliber, most experienced resources to assess your organization defenses, shut down attack paths, and increase your security posture and resilience.

Website Security

LockSpring will test your website using state of the art techniques to discover vulnerabilities before the adversary does.

Cloud Security

These days it’s hard not to use the cloud. LockSpring will test your current configurations and verify they meet industry best practices.

Network Security

Identify vulnerabilities on the internal and external network for the organization. We test with a “breach assumed” mindset.

Mobile Security

Smartphones are everywhere today which means mobile security is crucial. LockSpring will test your mobile applications to ensure they meet industry best practices.

Industry Experts

LockSpring has worked alongside leading experts in the security field. We are constantly researching and staying current with our skills. Members of LockSpring have years of industry experience working with various businesses. LockSpring helps businesses to identify threats and reach measurable security goals. We've worked with several Fortune 100 companies to help them get closer to reaching their security goals.​

Lots of consulting firms have complicated processes to get projects started. LockSpring strives to reduce any unnecessary steps so the entire process is easier for you. Let us take the headache out of security for you.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Assessments in Field


Fortune 200 Clients


Countries World Wide 


Vulnerabilities Found

Some Technology We Work With


Are You Ready to Secure Your Business?

To schedule a time with one of our security specialists, please reach out to us. Our process is easy and straightforward.

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