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About Us

Good security is all about having a plan. LockSpring can assist in building out an internal cyber security program for your organization to boost your in-house cyber security effectiveness.

Our Approach

We are committed to setting the pace of the industry in simulating, detecting and hardening against advanced adversary capabilities through our investment in top-notch training, tools, and community engagement. Our experts have been on the front lines in defending some of the world’s largest enterprises in the financial services, healthcare, technology, media and communications industries, taking the lead in defending against today’s threats. 

To combat the uncertainty surrounding adversary services, LockSpring is committed to full transparency in all our engagements and all our service offerings. We know that our clients can move the needle of their security posture beyond just what we can just do for them. We share our operational methodologies and technical capabilities freely in the knowledge that your team will become proficient to help your organization with maturing its threat detection, response and hardening capabilities. Our hope is our mentality will inform and set the pace for the overall security industry in the best ways to simulate, detect, respond and combat today’s adversaries, and further share those capabilities so we can move the needle of security for all organizations.


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