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Our Services

At LockSpring we offer a wide variety of cyber security solutions to help meet your needs. All business will have different goals. If you have any questions on which services you may need, please reach out on our contact page.

Web/Mobile Application Testing

LockSpring will examine and assess all the key components of your web and mobile applications. Applications these days are very complex so it's important they are tested for security vulnerabilities. We can review the code used to build your application to more thoroughly assess it for vulnerabilities.

Cyber Program Development

Whether you're building your program from scratch or enhancing a robust capability, reach out to us to add adversary-driven ideas and practices to your team.

LockSpring can also help implement various frameworks and processes into your organization to streamline the vulnerability discovery and remediation process.

Network/Cloud Vulnerability Assessment

Most businesses have some sort of presence on the internet. LockSpring can simulate attacks to breach your network perimeter using external facing assets such as email, websites, and file shares.

Adversary Simulation

LockSpring will utilize modern day attack methods to simulate real world threats within your network. We test your ability to prevent an attacker from moving laterally within the network post breach.

And More

If you can think of it, we probably offer it. Reach out to us if you have any specific cyber security testing needs. We've done it all: code review, hardware testing, hacking ATM's, cloud security, phones, Windows, Linux, hacking airplanes, smart TV's, alarm systems... the list goes on.

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